Welcome to our FAQ page ! We hope to answer all your questions here, and if you still have one feel free to contact us !

G E N E R A L  I N F O

1. Who is behind The Marching Hare ? 
The Marching Hare is the creative idea of artist Nienke Slotboom. She lives and works in Leiden.
2. Can I visit the studio ? 

Yes we’re happy to receive you here so you can see the work in real life. But, we’re not an actual store so on appointment only.

 T H E  B I R T H P O S T E R

1. How does a birthposter work ? 
Step 1. Choose your favourite poster theme.
Step 2. Choose your background colour and if you like your poster framed or not.
Step 3. Fill in all your baby’s details and proceed to check out
And yes we make a little jump for new order came in !
2. I made a mistake in the details given for the birthposter
Just make sure you send us a message as soon as possible and we’ll make sure the correct details are on the poster.
3. I would like to add a small personal detail on my poster
This is possible, just pop us a message and we’ll look with you if your request is workable. We’ve done this before, so don’t hesitate to contact us
4. What size is the poster? 
The poster comes in A3 size. If you would like any other sizes, send us a message and we’ll see what’s possible
5. What frame fits around the poster
The poster is size A3, so an A3 frame. We provide them through our website.
6. I would like a background colour which is not listed on the website

No problem, just contact us with your special request and are happy to make the poster exactly as you want it

T H E  B I R T H P L A T E

1. How does a birthplate work ? 
For a birthplate you can use the contact form. We’ll then send you the different animal theme’s you can choose from and all the extra animals to personalise your plate. A digital design will be send to you for approval, so you will exactly know how your plate will turn out
2. How long does a birthplate take to make ? 
A birthplate takes a little bit longer then you might expect. This because it’s handpainted and glaze fired in a kiln. We calculate around 4 weeks before shipping.
3. Can I hang my birthplate?

Yes ! It has a 2 little holes at the back with an iron cord through it.

T H E  B I R T H C A R D S

1. How do the birthcards work ?
Step 1. Choose the birthcards theme and choose your background colour.
Step 2. Fill in your preferred animals, to go on the top and bottom of the animal ring on the cards front. Also for the backside of the card there is a little animal to choose.
Step 3. Fill in all your baby’s details.

** If you are not yet sure about the amount of cards or you like to correspond about your order, please just contact us. We’re also very happy to just send you the digital card set-up for your confirmation. We understand it’s a big order, so please don’t hesitate to ask all your questions and we’ll make sure you know exactly how your card will look.


1. When can I expect my birthposter order ?
Orders made before 15.00 are shipped the same day, and otherwise the day after. There are sometimes exceptions, but then it’s very clearly mentioned on the website and at the products.
2. Do you ship abroad ?
Yes ! We’ve shipped from San Francisco to Ibiza.. so no problem !
3. What are the shipping costs ?
For Europe shipping is free. For the rest of the world E 10
4. My poster arrived damaged, what to do ?
If this happens we’re very sorry about it. This should absolutely not be the case and we ask you to send us a message asap, so we can provide you a new poster. Ofcourse this comes without any extra costs.
5. How do I track my order ?
Once your order is shipped you will be emailed a tracking number.